the MTHS music department was a great gig

“Our two sons were in Jazz II, Jazz I, Wind Ensemble, and Full Orchestra. They both started as freshmen in the beginning concert band, which gave them a smaller group of students to relate to (daily) while trying to adapt to life in a very large high school. Participation in music gave them continuity through the school year, structure to their school days (they practiced nearly every day), and valuable team experience. They are now both science majors at small colleges (Scott graduated from Whitman College and is currently in a graduate program at Dartmouth and Peter is at Gonzaga University). Both Whitman and Gonzaga have jazz bands, and their Admissions Offices gave our sons credit for participating in competitive music groups for 3-4 years. The admissions people know about the hours put in by award-winning band members and the dedication they need to have to the music, fellow musicians, and the director. Competitive colleges look for students who have demonstrated that kind of dedication and will bring it to their campus. Both sons sought out a small college with a strong liberal arts reputation that had a jazz band so they could continue what they started at MTHS. Our sons have told us that when they reminisce about their music experiences at MTHS with their college musician friends, their friends don’t have any idea what that ride was like. As a family, we realize all those years with the MTHS music department was a great gig.” – Karen Daniel, parent of Scott (1999) and Peter Daniel (2001)