have given him a lifelong gift

“The most important and meaningful part of Sam’s high school experience has been the time that he has spent in the MTHS band program.   This program is truly one of the best programs in the nation.  The MTHS Jazz Ensembles compete locally and nationally with all-star bands and magnet school bands.  This is a remarkable accomplishment, because the MTHS bands are made up entirely of students who reside within our school boundaries.  To be able to compete at this level, students quickly learn the importance of hard work, attention to detail, time management, and commitment to a team. Sam will be able to take these life lessons and apply them to both his future education and to his future career, in whatever field he chooses.

Other benefits of the band program may be less obvious but are equally important. Peer pressure is huge during high school, but as a group, these students rarely get into trouble.   It has been a great relief to see my son choose quality friends – all of whom are in the band program.  Finally, I believe that by supporting my son’s music education, I have given him a lifelong gift – he has an appreciation for music and has developed a skill that will allow him to enjoy a creative outlet for the rest of his life.” – Jill Van Dalfsen, parent of Sam (2004) and Kelsey (2008)