October tunes

HarperThomas-5145Well, the season certainly arrived. We have a few major events for Music Boosters starting near the end of the month. More news on our Jazz Symposium to be posted this week.

ALL-SCHOOL – October 5 – Curriculum Night @ 6:30 PM (MTHS)

BAND & CHOIR – October 6 – Homecoming Pep Band + Choir sings National Anthem. Oh, some football game too. 😉 Kickoff @ 8:00 PM (Edmonds Stadium)

PERCUSSION – October 7 – Drumeline Battle of the Bands (Alderwood Mall) 8:00 AM

BOOSTERS – October 11 – Monthly Meeting @ 7-8:30 PM (MTHS Library) Doors open 6:30

JAZZ – October 28 – All-day Jazz Symposium (MTHS) (set-up starts at 2pm on 10/27)

BOOSTERS – November 2 – Monthly Meeting @ 7-8:30 PM (MTHS Library) Doors open 6:30

FUNDRAISER – November 5Mattress Sales Event by CFS 10 am – 5 pm (MTHS Hub)

Save the date: Sunday, Nov. 5 for our annual Mattress fundraiser (you read that right)

Last year we raised over $7000 for Music activities including travel with this unique fundraiser. More details to come at our Monthly Boosters meeting October 11 (and we raise $5 for every parent there!). Looking to really increase our efforts this fall. So, in the meantime, ask your neighbors, family and co-workers, “need a new mattress?” You’ll be surprised by how many think they do. Check out more CFS who put on the event and at Facebook.

Mountlake Terrace Nov

Tickets on sale for Tamir Hendelman Jazz Trio Concert with MTHS September 26

Tamir3Our first concert of the year is with the Tamir Hendelman Jazz Trio with MTHS. Tamir is spending two days at MTHS, rehearsing with our Jazz band and holding a clinic. The trio is working with a few schools in the area and a few private concerts but this event at MTHS is the only public concert in the area.

Concert on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 – 7:00 PM – MTHS Theatre

We are looking to sell out the theater and have kicked off advance tickets online now, $15 for adults, $5 for students. Any remaining tickets will be available at the door. Spread the word!

More on Tamir: https://www.tamirhendelman.com/

And listen in his playlist on YouTube.


Kickoff for Music at MTHS 2017-18

adobestock_23375146_wideWelcome to the new school year. Here are some upcoming events for Boosters to note for the rest of calendar year (but certainly not all events). There is a band calendar you can subscribe to (or view) will more specific events. Orchestra and choir calendars will be handed out when school starts. Remember: if you have a student in MTHS music programs, you’re a Booster!

BOOSTERS – September 14 – Monthly Meeting @ 7-8:30 PM (MTHS Library) Doors open 6:30

CONCERT – September 26Tamir Hendelman Jazz Trio @ 7 PM (MTHS Theatre)

ALL-SCHOOL – October 5 – Curriculum Night @ 6:30 PM (MTHS)

BOOSTERS – October 11 – Monthly Meeting @ 7-8:30 PM (MTHS Library) Doors open 6:30

JAZZ – October 28 – All-day Jazz Symposium (MTHS)

BOOSTERS – November 2 – Monthly Meeting @ 7-8:30 PM (MTHS Library) Doors open 6:30

FUNDRAISER – November 5 – Mattress Sales Event by CFS 10 am – 5 pm (MTHS Hub)

BAND – November 9 –  Fall Concert (MTHS Theatre)

ORCHESTRA – November 28 – Fall Concert @ 7 PM (MTHS Theater)

BOOSTERS – November 30 – Monthly Meeting @ 7-8:30 PM (MTHS Library) Doors open 6:30

FUNDRAISER – December 9 – Santa Breakfast Event @ 8 am to noon (MTHS)

CHOIR/ORCHESTRA – December 12 – Winter Concert @7 PM (MTHS Theater)

2017 – 2018 Music Boosters Board Announced

Here is the MTHS Music Boosters Board for next year. There will be plenty of opportunities to help out, so check-in with us as your student gears up for music. We’ll have occasional news on our website over the the summer, and available to answer questions.


President – Marilyn Walker

Vice President – Doug Thomas

Secretary – Laurie McCraney

Treasurer – Tim Gilchrist

Band Rep – Jennifer Long

Choir Rep – Carrie Lee

Jazz I Rep – Amy & Brian Faris

Jazz 2 Rep – Sara Bressler

Orchestra Rep – Randy Elder

Gig Coordinator – Lisa Parsons

Elections Completed


This week: End of the year concerts 

Come and celebrate the final concerts of the year and wish the seniors adieu. All events start at 7 pm in the MTHS theater.

A Booster rep will be out front at all events with flyers and information. We will also have a handout for this year’s online elections. At press time, still recruiting for a Secretary and an Orchestra Rep. Contact us if you are interested.

Tuesday, June 6: Orchestra 

Wednesday, June 7: Choir

Thursday, June 8: Band

Excerpts from the incoming freshman band newsletter

The Music Boosters handed out a newsletter at the end of the year Band concert at Brier Terrace Middle School last night in preparing incoming freshman and their families. Much of the information can be found in the menus of this site (Band, Booster info tabs). You can find the full newsletter here, excerpts are below.

MTHS has a recognized music program comprised of multiple ensembles, some which are open to all interested students and some which require auditioning for membership. All ensembles rehearse, perform at concerts and festivals, are part of Pep band for football and basketball home games, host guest conductors and performers, and travel. They are all led by director Darin Faul.

You are a Music Boosters member if you have a student in any of the music programs at MTHS.

The Freshman Flurry

MTHS band members and their parents hit the ground running in the fall. Be prepared for more action and less communication than in middle school. Just for example, several events happened in the first five weeks last fall, including pep band for football games, a field trip to the symphony, a special jazz quartet concert, two drumline events, a private event, an audition deadline, and–oh yeah–Homecoming. Jazz is especially busy early in the school year, starting with summer jam sessions, jazz workshops in September, and the all-day Jazz Symposium at the end of October.

You will hear us ask for volunteers to set up events, chaperone, help run events, come to our monthly general meetings, and attend concerts. Clinics, trips, special guests, and other materials help MTHS bands stand out. So, yes, there will be talk of money. We hold fundraisers, specialized donation events, retreats, a mattress fundraiser (Need a new mattress? Can you wait until the fall?), and band enrichment campaigns.

Yes, lots will happen. And we are here to help.

We can answer questions and get you up-to-speed. Please introduce yourself at events (we usually have a table) and see the sidebar of this newsletter for websites and calendars that can keep you on-track. You can contact the board members at our website, mthsmusic.org, or at mthsmusicboosters@gmail.com.


Annual trips are typically Northwest festivals where one or more groups participate: Clark College, CWU, UW, Sno-King, and such. There have been periodic trips to Disneyland, Portland, Ellensburg, Silverwood, and New York. Costs vary from lunch money for a day trip to Ellensburg to $1,500 for trips to NYC. While we cannot require a trip, it is highly encouraged that ALL participate, since all musicians have parts that are important to the ensemble.

Students and ultimately their families are responsible for travel costs. Each year the boosters provide several opportunities for students to earn money toward their trips. This year we offered poinsettia and Chinook Book sales in the fall, flower baskets and a mattress fundraiser in the spring. We hold larger events like the winter Santa Breakfast and the spring auction.

What to wear for concerts

Men: A black suit, white tux shirt, and black bow tie for both Concert Band and Chamber Winds. JC Penney, Kohl’s, and others carry reasonably priced sets. We have some jackets at the school if you need one for growing boys. Parents swap with other parents all the time. Jazz Band requires all black with a bright red tie.

Women: Same attire as men (above), or a black dress that covers their knees. Dress must have straps that are at least 2” wide or have sleeves. No spaghetti straps or sleeveless dresses, and no leggings.

Pep Band has a t-shirt that can be ordered in September. The idea is for a team look. Any questions should be addressed with your director.

Edmonds Jazz Connection Schedule for MTHS music on May 20

Jazz PosterThe Rotary Club of Edmonds Daybreakers sponsors the 17th annual Edmonds Jazz Connection Festival on Saturday, May 20th, 2017 in downtown Edmonds. The all-day event includes high school, middle school, and college jazz bands to help raise funds to support an exceptional music education experience throughout our region.
Big Bands – Edmonds Center for the Arts: 9:00 – 4:30
Chorals – Holy Rosary Church: 9:30 – 4:30
Combos – Edmonds Theater: 9:30 – 4:30
Times may change, but this is when Mountlake Terrace bands and smaller combos are due to play. More info at http://jazzconnection.org/ then tap “Schedules.”

Big Bands At Edmonds Center for the Arts

Mountlake Terrace HS Jazz 2 Darin Faul 12:30 PM
Mountlake Terrace HS Jazz 1 Darin Faul 3:00 PM

Combos at Edmonds Theatre

Mountlake Terrace HS 1 9:00 AM
Mountlake Terrace HS 2 10:00 AM
Mountlake Terrace HS 3 10:30 AM 
Mountlake Terrace HS 4 1:00 PM
Mountlake Terrace HS 5 3:30 PM
Mountlake Terrace HS 6 4:00 PM


Jazz Concert With Terell Stafford at MTHS on Monday

TS_Gallery_Images-0136Jazz trumpet great Terell Stafford plays for one night at MTHS. Jazz 1 and Jazz 2/3 will participate in a clinic with Mr Stafford and will then perform in concert with him at the MTHS theater at 7 p.m. Suggested $5 donation for admission.
Mr. Stafford is also the current Program Director of Jazz Studies at the Boyer College of Music and Dance at Temple University.