The Directors

Darin Faul        Band Director
Email Address:
Voice Mail: 425-431-5622
Jennifer Schillen    Orchestra Director 
Email Address:
Voice Mail: 425-431-5057
T.J. Sullivan        Choir Director
Email Address:
Voice Mail: 425-431-5624

mths-boosters-2013-logoThe Board for 2017-2018
President – Marilyn Walker (email)
Vice President – Doug Thomas (email)
Secretary – Laurie McCraney (email)
Treasurer – Tim Gilchrist  (email)
Band Rep – Jennifer Long
Choir Rep – Carrie Lee
Jazz I Rep – Amy & Brian Faris  (email)
Jazz 2 Rep – Sara Bressler
Orchestra Rep – Randy Elder
Gig Coordinator – Lisa Parsons
Santa Event Lead – Liane Thomas
Auction Event Lead – Cori Lewis

Please comment and let us know what you want on this site.  –Doug Thomas, webmaster