Dog-gone Auction Items

Symphonic Band has volunteered to create a dog themed basket for the Music Boosters contribution toward this year’s auction.

We are asking students to volunteer to bring in an item off of this list to pack our fundraiser basket. We are suggesting items for a 25-50 pound dog. Please return your item to the marked box (Auction) in the band room by Monday, February 11th.

There is a copy of this sheet on the donation box so you can write your name by the item you will be donating to avoid too many duplicates.

  1. Tennis Ball(s)
  2. Dog Treats
  3. Kong Treat Holder
  4. Dental Chews
  5. Nylabones
  6. Brush
  7. Food/Water Bowls
  8. Nail Clippers
  9. Grain Free Treat
  10. Leash
  11. Bandanna
  12. Gourmet Treats
  13. Pet Shampoo
  14. Doggie Poop Bags
  15. Fetch Toys
  16. Dog Frisbee
  17. Dog Blanket
  18. Samples of Dry Dog Food
  19. Pet Store Gift Certificate

If you have any questions, please contact Maria Owen.

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