Why on earth are we talking about mattresses? (updated)

bedsMore info soon, but the date will be March 25, from 10 am – 5 pm.

Your music Booster Board has been looking for new ways to raise funds. And when we heard of this, we had to do it. And laugh about it too.
The Mattress Fundraiser has been giving many schools, including several in Western Washington, thousands of dollars over the past few years (Woodinville is on their third year). So we are looking to do our own event in the spring and will need help getting the word out.

Interested in helping out, contact us. Or swing by the next board meeting, Feb. 1 at 7 PM in the MTHS library.

We’ll get more information to you in the near future, but learn more from the short video below and some words from Custom Fundraising Solutions.

Why a Mattress Fundraiser Works
#1.  10% of the population buys a new mattress every year.  Market research shows this to be roughly 36 million mattresses sold each and every year in the United States!  Think about the thousands of people in your community and we need just a tiny percentage of those to come and buy from us.

#2.  We provide the exact same mattresses (and services) that other local retailers do but our pricing is considerably less than standard retail (we don’t have retail overhead).

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